How is Madison doing?  Remember the days when we fought for our rights and helped spark The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street?  We were on fire!

Now, it looks to me that Wisconsin is still running into similar issues and contentions, even with a Democratic governor, as the recently highly-disputed elections revealed.  I think it's time that some of you piped up and kept us updated on what's been going on lately!

But, the reason I am here is because I am thinking of you.  Some of you are locked-down, lonely, and some may even be ill.  And some of you may have information and compassion you'd like to contribute to others during the coronavirus crisis.  So, I would just like to invite you all to join or follow anti_viral. It's a place for community and discussion - and resources.  It's not more of the same telebabble.  It's a first rate, top-100 people place.   Join and keep LiveJournal alive!

Also, I just did a post over at w_a_r_m_i_n_g that might interest you, concerning climate change and Wisconsin.  As long as you are there, please consider adding your support to this other important community!

Two very critical issues at a very critical time.  anti_viral and w_a_r_m_i_n_g.  Let's see how true it is that Madison still fights!  And, if you are ever in trouble, or want to help others in trouble, join crisis_911.  Spread the word! Let the resistance begin!

Thanks!  Whatever you do, it was fun back in 2011, and we will never forget you.  Hopefully we can hear form you again.

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Wisconsin - Right to work for less... and less...

Federal judge refuses to block Wisconsin right-to-work law

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A federal judge has refused a union’s demand to block Wisconsin’s right-to-work law.

The law prohibits businesses and unions from reaching agreements that require all workers, not just union members, to pay union dues. Unions have argued the law enables nonunion members to receive free representation.

Two chapters of the International Union of Operating Engineers filed a lawsuit in May alleging the law amounts to an unconstitutional taking. U.S. District Judge J.P. Stadtmueller upheld the law on Monday, citing a 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upholding Indiana’s right-to-work law.

A Dane County judge struck down the Wisconsin law in April, but a state appeals court has reinstated it while it considers state attorneys’ appeal.

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(Note: I find SNOPES to be wrong, an awful lot. Just say'n).
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JUGGERNAUT: The Trans-Pacific PUTSCH that just won't die!

Every time I hear Lori Wallach speak, it is better than sex.  I heard her again the other day, this time on "Sly," a Wisconsin talker.  Hear Lori Wallach, (also from Wisconsin), speak against the TPP*.  Lori Wallach, trade expert and superhero, has an expressive, articulated voice, similar to that which develops in some artsy-progressive females.  I think of the woman on, "This American Life"; or Rachel Maddow; or Lois Lane, or the reporter on, "Hudsucker Proxy." It's a dorky, indie-kind of sweet - (possibly exclusive to women who have graduated from women's colleges in western Massachusetts).  Her voice made me think that Lori Wallach was in her thirties - but she's in her 50's.  And her hair isn't jet-black.
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But it is what Lori Wallach has to say which I find most attractive! She is really the main voice speaking out against the TPP, and similar sham-wows, and the whole scam referred to as "FREE trade." In the interview with Sly, Wallach warned that President Obama will be pushing for a vote on the TPP during the lame-duck session of Congress. Traditionally, lame-duck presidents have not been able to get a lot done, especially when opposed by the majority. However, there are a lot of people in Congress who will be on their way out, and they are looking for nice cushy jobs with mega-corporations, so they are likely to do a little quid-pro-quo voting. And Obama just might pull it off - this, the major goal of his presidency, apparently. If Obama passes the TPP, he won't have to grovel, giving speeches to Goldman-Sachs - he'll be set for life. (And ya know what? It disgusts me).

Wallach also mentioned that the Wisconsin Congressman from La Cross, Ron Kind, is very pro-TPP. You might also be surprised to know that so-called progressives, Howard Dean and Ron Wyden, who has supported other "free" trade swindles. (One reason why? Port cities). .  (Jeff Merkley, the OTHER progressive Senator from Oregon, was the first Senator to endorse the venerable Bernie Sanders - Why I’m Supporting Bernie Sanders - by Senator Jeff Merkley).  I think the Democratic Party has achieved its ultimate goal, which was to morph into a slicker, $icker version of the Republican Party, hiding this behind its resort to liberal social issues and identity politics. Thus we have even seen Russ Feingold and Tammy Baldwin turn away from Bernie to support Hillary, and all her corporate baggage.

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Lori Wallach is the founder of Global Trade Watch, [explore site further], not to be confused with Global Research, (Michel Chossudovsky).  You can hear and see her in action, just search "Lori Wallach youtube" - (past year).

'Disappointed' in Obama, Sanders Calls on Top Dems to Drop Lame Duck TPP Push
TPP will cost American jobs, harm the environment, increase the cost of prescription drugs, and threaten our ability to protect public health

Hillary Clinton may not have heeded progressives' call to clearly say she'll urge the White House and her fellow party members to oppose a "lame-duck" vote on the Trans Pacific Partnership, but Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has done just that, calling on Democratic Congressional leadership to publicly oppose a post-Election Day vote on the "job-killing trade deal."
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Berned Out?

Well, it's all over but the train-wreck. The whole Bernie thing. It's over. (The election and subsequent decline are yet to happen). The chairs have all been folded. The cages have been dismantled. The Bernie signs have been incinerated in a massive bonfire. At least I, for one, find comfort in the alternate universes theory of reality.

But, the progressive shake-and-baking of the Democratic Party was not about Bernie in the first place. He himself said that he did not anticipate winning. (But he fought like the Dickens, didn't he?) This movement was about revamping the economy; bringing jobs back home from China; ENDING the TPP; ending GMO; ending fracking; re-regulating the gambling banks and Wall Street; regaining FAIR trade and taxation; repairing the national infrastructure; building fairness for blacks, women and the poor; dismantling the perpetual war state, police militarisation and police violence; providing debt-free education and health-care; dismantling the accelerating wealth gap between the elites and most of America - and getting billionaires & dark money OUT OF POLITICS.

This movement greatly emanated from #OccupyWallstreet. Oh, but wait. There was something before that, wasn't there? Oh, that's right. The Madison Protests! You can all be very proud of yourselves for helping to spark this immanent and necessary fire of justice - which will roll far beyond Madison, or Bernie, or any one of us. We are just worm holes in the blowing leaves of history - but still, our fight is what made us Americans, for what it is worth.

Now what? What to do? The idea is to keep fanning the flames. Keep making those signs for their bonfire. Keep rattling THEIR cages. KEEP SINGING!

I think a majority of you may have supported Bernie. So, when I saw this article, which mentions two folks from Wisconsin, and others from this region, I thought you might like to read it... Meet Some Sanders Delegates Who Plan To Turn Anger Into Positive Action.

And, as far as how to vote now? Well, I advocate either Jill Stein, or writing in Bernie, for a number of reasons. Here is an article discussing your choices, (though it does not mention write-ins). Dear Sanders Supporters: Don’t Kill Your Revolution by Voting for Hillary Clinton. Of course, many of you may be pro-Clinton. If so, your not going to want to read about why I oppose her. But you can still join with the OUR MOVEMENT spin-off of the Bernie movement, and help build a more progressive century.

I was thinking that maybe Hillary would like to appoint Tammy Baldwin as the new DNC Chair. Wouldn't that be great?! I love her. Except this. "On October 20, 2013, Baldwin was one of sixteen female Democratic senators to sign a letter endorsing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee in the 2016 Presidential Election." -(Wiki). I don't know, endorsing Clinton almost two years ahead of the convention, and doing so as an exclusionary pro-woman statement, just kinda doesn't wash with me. And Baldwin did not change even after a great majority of people in her district voted for her, a super-delegate, to endorse Bernie - because of the issues, (and honesty). Feingold failed Bernie as well. Oh well. Keep pushing.

If you'd like to read all about what's been going on lately, (like with the convention), and where things could go next, check out bernie2016. You can also read my disgustingly pro-Bernotic, anti-Clintonic, posts there, over at mine own madman101, or listed at liberal_plus. Also, please keep on with the spirit of madison_fights, o_c_c_u_p_y and wiki_truth! Solidarity!